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Last week, Brian Wisner of Spring Lake, Michigan, died at home surrounded by family. A victim of Lewy Body Dementia, he kept his sass and his love for his wife through it all.

Brian grew up in East Grand Rapids and maintained close, dear, lifelong relationships with his childhood friends. He was a master gardener, music lover, baseball aficionado, bird hunter, great dancer, excellent card player, accomplished trainer of springer spaniels, and the best body surfer on North Shore Drive.

Brian was hilarious, but not a clown. He expressed his keen sense of humor subtly, more likely to make a cheeky comment under his breath than tell a joke to the whole room.

He was brilliant, but academics were never the most important thing to him. After 11 years, four colleges, and one moment his wife briefly considered leaving him for dropping calculus for the third time, Brian finally graduated from Aquinas College.

He was a Spartan basketball fan, but was always sure they could clench defeat from the jaws of victory. He made a spreadsheet every season to remember each player’s name and position, and firmly believed the team played better the louder the volume on the TV.

He was a great athlete, but always happy to lose to a little kid. If his children had listened to their mother and gotten on with having babies already, he would’ve been the best grandpa.

His love was big, but not loud. He turned on the light when you were reading as the sun set. He brought you a blanket when you made an off-hand comment about being cold.

Brian left us early, but the effect he had on those who knew him was profound. He was a world-class friend. And he’d tell you his biggest accomplishment was raising three kids who support their friends, root for the underdog, and all finally maintain their own phone plans.

Amy, Brian’s wife of 39 years, whom he always called “My Bride,” survives him. Their three children are Clare Agra (Bob) of Chicago, Henry Wisner of Detroit and Meryl Wilsner (Brooke) of Grand Rapids. Brian’s brother, Terence Wisner (Wendy Knox), lives in Green Valley, Arizona, and Whitehall, Montana. His sister, Jan Kilpatrick (Rod), lives in Custer, Michigan. Brian’s parents, Eleanor Haan and Ted and Harriet Wisner, preceded him in death.

A celebration of life will take place at the Lake Michigan Credit Union Stadium (Whitecaps), on Saturday, September 25, from 4-7 p.m. Spartan, Tiger or brightly colored clothing is encouraged. Former Cottage Fries/Rainbow Oilers, we would love to see your uniform shirts. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be made to the Nature Conservancy.

Published in Grand Haven Tribune on Sep. 8, 2021.

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